About Company

Swift Acceptances Limited is a microfinance company in Nairobi that provides working capital solutions to both individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Swift Acceptances Limited is a non-deposit taking micro-finance company that offers tailor-made financial solutions to meet cash flow challenges faced by its target clientele, both individuals and SMEs. Swift Acceptances Limited is a customer focused relationship based micro-finance company with a range of loan products custom-made to suit the borrower’s needs. Our competitive edge is offering a wide range of financial solutions, timely and at competitive pricing.

The long-term success of our company requires the integration of sustainability into all aspects of our business. Leading environmental, social and governance performance is strongly correlated to strong financial performance and creation of long-term value for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Finally, I would like to thank our Governing Board and our parent company Spectrum Network International, host governments, employees, partners and all of stakeholders for their dedication and continued support, as we look forward to this year of success.

Sam Jim Mwanyasi
Chairman & C.E.O

Chief Executive Officer


Swift Capital Limited has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation amidst a challenging operating environment. My mission is to extend this orbit and the flow into the future and turn Swift Capital Limited into a leading global micro-finance lending company.

This includes striving to meet the highest standards, contributing toward sustainable development and serving as responsible natural resource stewards to ensure we make positive and lasting impacts on the communities and in Kenya where we operate. Creating a more responsible and sustainable business is a continuous journey, and recognition from reputable, independent organizations helps us determine if we are on the right path.

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