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Why do we need car insurance in order to drive?

Having car coverage is crucial because it covers your car from any accidents or mishaps if happens with other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. All car or automobile owner should insure their vehicles in order to safeguard vehicle and its liabilities by owning a car insurance policy from one of the best car insurance companies under the law of the Motor Vehicle Act Kenya.Overleaps car Insurance can also offer financial assistance if your car is stolen, met with an accident, natural disaster and on strikes too

1. Driving without vehicle coverage is illegal. If you don’t have it, you could be fined or disqualified from using or driving your car on roads.
2. The maximum penalty is limitless, plus in recent days the Kenyan government issued big penalties for people who disobeys the Motor Vehicle Act rules. You must have car insurance papers & driving license
3. The Government is currently reviewing penalties for uninsured drivers who’re injured.
4. The government has given permission to the traffic police to seize and issue a penalty to any automobile driven if he is caught without a car coverage paper.

Types of Car Coverage
There are three types of a car insurance policy. If you want to know which are those then read the details below;
1: The third party
In this car coverage, only the car is insured. It doesn’t insure a driver’s life and any third person who meets with the accident.
2: Third-party, fireplace, and theft
This is a similar third party but additionally covers the value of maintenance or replaces automobile if your vehicle is stolen or broken by any mishap.
3: Comprehensive
This is the best car insurance policy because it protects your car from damage if something happens, unfortunately. It also saves human if he gets injured.
So, visit us today at Overleap Insurance company for the best car insurance policy.


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