Title Deeds Loans

This a legal instrument that is used to transfer title to real estate from one person to another. This basically means that full ownership to a piece of real estate is given to another person.In most cases, the deed of title is classified as a general warranty deed.These loans are secured with a land Title Deed or a Title of Lease as the case maybe.

  • Minimum KES 100,000

  • Maximum KES 2,000,000

  • Original title deeds

  • Copy of ID and PIN for borrower and Guarantor(s).

  • Passport photo for borrower and co-borrowers.

  • Copy of business trading license for current year or at-least 6 months.

  • Copy of registration certificate,

  • Copy of latest purchasing receipts/invoices.

  • Latest daily sales records for the business.

  • Copies of utility bills.

  • Latest bank statements for the past 6 months

  • Land search as per ministry of lands tariff guide search fees KES 1,000.

  • Land valuation and transfer as per KRA tariff guide legal fees to be bet by borrower.