At SWIFT ACCEPTANCES LIMITED, We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct in the fulfillment of its mission and provides an avenue for whistle-blowers’ to report any suspected wrongdoing or activities including possible fraud and ethical issues.

We have a zero tolerance policy to fraud and requests stakeholders to report in confidence any instances of fraud that they may discover.

This whistle-blower platform is easy to use and has been established to allow for reporting from whistle-blowers’ enabling secure, anonymous and confidential reporting. The website relays your concerns to the SWIFT ACCEPTANCES LIMITED Board for review and action.

Whistle-blowers will remain completely anonymous unless they choose to provide their email or telephone contact. The contact details may be used to raise follow up questions or for reward purposes where applicable.

Kindly use this form to securely report any suspected wrongdoing including possible fraud and ethical issues. We will investigate all reports.

Your message will be sent confidentially to SWIFT ACCEPTANCES LIMITED. All reports will be handled with complete discretion.